Spring Nr.3

By its chemical compound this is low mineralized, low-acid hydrocarbonate-calcium water with the smell of hydrogen sulfide and increased level of valuable microelements – copper, zink, iodine, bromine, fluorine, cobalt,  marks of silver and manganese. This water is rich for dissolved organic components, as in the water from spring Nr. 1, which are the main medical factors. Naftusia from spring Nr.3 cures the same diseases that we have mentioned in concise description of  Spring Nr.1 medical behavior. The waters of Skhidnitsya have got the advantage comparing to mineral waters of other resorts, that do not belong to “Naftusia” types. During the treatment of urological patients and by its effect, it exteriorizes the salt excess out of organism (metabolism diseases)and prevents the growth and creation of concrements in organism. The water has got diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, improves the blood circulation and assists for regeneration of normal kidneys function. The first appearance of health improvement is the excitation of appetite. The functionality of kidneys greatly improves. The pain of urological diseases disappears. The patient does not feel the general weakness- it disappears, reliably giving the way to cheerfulness and energy increment. The water assist in partial exteriorizing of radionuclides out of organism. The presence of zink helps in treatment of diabetes.


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