National Park “Skolivski Beskydy”

National Park “Skolivsky Beskydy Location: Lviv region, Drogobych, Skole, Turka area Area: 35,261 hectares Subordinates: State Forestry Committee of Ukraine Mailing address: 82600, Lviv region, Skole district, Skole, st.Kn. Svyatoslav, 3 Tel/fax: (03251)2-14-11 E-mail: National park “Skolivsky Beskydy” was established by Presidential Decree of Ukraine on February 11, 1999 Nr.157. It was based on Skole Skole forest reserve of national significance, declared here in 1983 for the protection of high productive indigenous beech forests, as well as we as parts of the territory of landscape reserve of state value “Zelemin” and landscape reserve of local importance “Maidan” , reserve natural boundary ”Dubinske”, “Sopit”, “Zhuravlyne”. The park was created in the basin of Striy river and its tributaries, of the area 35,261 hectares, 24,639 of which were given to the park for permanent use. The park is designed to store, recreation and efficient usage of the landscapes of the western part of the Ukrainian Carpathians with typical or unique natural complexes that have important environmental, ecological, aesthetic, educational and recreational value. According to the functional zoning of the area, the territory of the park is divided into the protected zone area of 5194 hectares, controlled recreation area, of 6973 hectares, stationary recreation area – 336 hectares, and the economic zone area of 22.758 hectares. 192 men work in the establishment, 6 of them work in the scientific sections, 93 persons work in the security service. By physical geographical regionalization Park is located within areas Verkhnodnistrovski and Skole Beskydy. It occupies Northern macro slopes with absolute heights from 600 to 1200 meters. The main ranges extending from north-west to south-east and are divided on separate peaks by many streams. Landscapes of steep slopes of erosion denuded woodland middle prevail here. In geological respects here there are Skybova and Krosnenska tectonic zones, which are folded by sedimentary rocks of Cretaceous and Palaeogene ages and are represented mainly by calcareous Flysch sand, which imposes a certain impact on the nature on the soil and vegetation. In the north-west the ridge of Skole Beskydy borders the ridge of Parashka, the highest peak (mount Parashka) 1268m. The interior part of the Skole Beskydy borders Striyska-Sanska tops. The limits of the park basically coincide with the boundaries of natural territorial complexes and go along the water separated mountain ranges and river beds. The climate of the park is mild, moderately warm and humid. Winter with frequent thaws at temperature from 0 to 5+ C. Duration of process of vegetation is 180 days. The average temperature in January -4 -6 C. July +15-18 C. to 30C. maximum and -31 minimum. Precipitation is 800-1100 mm per year. Average height of snow cover is 39 cm. In the soil surface brown mountain-forest and very macadam soils prevail. On the territory of the park you can still find the remains of natural highly-productive and biologically stable timber stand- age-old beech trees, standard fir and silver fir trees, which mostly reflect the diversity of forest cover of beskyd, are still there. On the rocky slopes and the canyons there is a model for northeastern macroslopes of the Carpathians phenomenon of lithogen inversion of vegetation, when coniferous forests go down rocky slopes to a height of 600-800 meters above sea level and grow below the beech forests. Flora of vascular plants of the park has 632 species. On the territory of the park more than 50 plant species are spread. They are listed in a Red Book of Ukraine. Among them: mountain arnica, masterwort, foxfeet, squirrel-ear, Job’s-tears, forest lily, snowdrop, Scopolia, saffron, few types of orchis. More than 100 species of native flora, are used by the official and untraditional medicine. The variety of fauna in the Skolivsky Beskydy is rich. It is registered 86 living species of insects and 204 species of vertebrates, including 18 species of fish, 9 amphibians, 6 reptiles, 121 birds and 50 species of mammals. You can encounter deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare, squirrel, fox, stone marten, brown bear. Among the rare species: badger, small water vole, stoat, wood cat, lynx redwood, bat. In 1965 10 bisons from Bielovezhzka Pushcha were brought here. They are well settled down and give the seed. There are many birds: nesting hen, grouse, woodpeckers, owls, rock pipit, peregrine, golden eagle, red headed kite, grey shrike and are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Reptiles are characterized by vipera berus, grass snake, sand lizard. The forest, snake, Carpathian and mountain newt, spotted salamander are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Overall the park protects 11 species listed in the European Red List and 30 species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. The park is located in the vicinity of the traditional resort areas – Skhidnitsya, Skole, Slavske. Skhidnitsya which is situated on the adjacent urban park areas is of particular importance. There, in 1970, were explored the large reserves of mineral waters as “Naftusia” In addition, the park has more than 30 different mineral springs of spa action. Mineral springs are also known in a valley of the Rybnik Maidansky, outskirts of Novyy Kropyvnyk and others. For about 50 health centers, boarding houses, recreation and travel camps and campings welcome the guests. Large river network, which is formed by Striy and Opir rivers, makes this territory especially attractive for summer tourism, and long gentle slopes contribute to the development of winter sports. The image of trembita player near the road – is a kind of a business card of national park “Skolivky Beskydy”,-land of mountains and natural wonders, that attracts thousands of people. This is the land of talented craftsmen, whose original works (carved wooden items, embroidery, carpets, beads, pottery, clothes) are valued far beyond the Carpathians. This land is very popular among tourists. Mysterious magic of ages, majestic forests, endless panorama of mountains on the background, blue sky, many mountain streams of pure water, healing mineral springs, emerald meadows, attract, captivate and give rest. From ancient monuments of Kyivska Rus, here, near the village Urych, the ruins of Tustan castle and the tomb of Kyiv prince – Svyatoslav Volodymyrovych can be found. Park visitors can use hunting lodges, located in Zavadkivske, Maidanske, Skole and Pidgorodtsivske forestry. People can get acquainted with nature of the park, completing a journey through ecolical – cognitive routes “Butyvlya-Maidan (28km), Buchyna (1,4km), “the valley of the river Kamianka” (4km) and “Lopata” (12km)


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